Master Gwydion Arryn

A wealthy eladrin merchant who resides in Bash Kalla (probably a wizard)


Master Arryn is definitely not a wizard. Really!

However, he does write books about summoning demons and demonology in Aldinia. Demons are strange subject matter for a mere magic enthusiast, but Master Arryn was very helpful and forthcoming with his demon knowledge and truly does not seem to be the sort of man to use it to cause harm. Otherwise, why would he share so much?

Gwydion is not fond of the High Priestess of the Temple of Harmony and loves books.


Master of the Jeweler’s Guild, Master Arryn is known to purchase books and magical trinkets from Tadinanefer. He has also requested that Tadinanefer enchant various pieces of jewelry, usually with protective enchantments or enchantments that enhance the wearer’s beauty. Tad and Sardis have observed that Master Arryn appears to be a kind of collector of magical oddities and sometimes bends the law with what he purchases and collects.

Master Gwydion Arryn

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