A Demon of Wealth and servant of the Demon of Greed


Torroth is taller, thicker, and more muscular than a human, but he appears fairly humanoid. His skin is dark red and his eyes are an eerie, glowing gold. Ridged, ram-like horns curve back from his temples. Red scars decorate the sides of his face and small spikes decorate his shoulders. He has short, blue-black hair.


An prisoner questioned by Vlad said that he was positive that the Smith’s Guild, the Stonemason’s Guild and members of most of the other guilds, at least at some level, paid lip service to Torroth and some of them were even more loyal than mere lip service (as in, those people attended actual worship services). Torroth a demon of wealth, after all.

The prisoner also said that there were at least 2 more temples to Torroth in the city, but he did not know where they were. He also said that the followers of Torroth and some of the other demons performed a ritual outside of the city, in a glade to the north, each month at the Dark of the moon.

The prisoner also said that he was pretty sure that Torroth would not be the one to kill all those people by taking off their faces, but he could easily believe that it was demon work.


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