Thrysierus Darkbreaker

Paladin of the Light, Scourge of the Darkness


Thrysierus has been blessed since birth. The son of Sarana and Krith Darkbreaker, he had the benefit of learning from a strong, military mind and compassionate yet curious bookworm. Thrys never really understood the books and scrolls. The priest training never really came easy but combat training was cake. Thrys always had top marks in this category.

Eventually, Thrys transferred from Combat Cleric to Paladin training. It quickly became clear the Paladin path was the best fit. Thrys began his tour of duty shortly after the graduation ceremony. The patrols were too easy, the work was boring. That is until Thrys was called into action as Lumenary Knight and transfered to Bash Kalla to help in a recent string of murders.

During the investigation, Thrys took pity on the little kobold who surrendered to the party. He began to bring better food for the little guy, teach him common, and learn more from him. Something inside him wonders how his training could dictate the kobold needed to be killed on sight yet the evidence before him shows the kobold not to be a threat. Only time will tell.

Thrysierus Darkbreaker

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