Lord Tanril Endair

A younger son of the Endair family, rulers of the Barony of Kysta


Lord Tanril was a victim of the strange killer in Bash Kalla.

Lord Tanril was engaged to Lady Delidina, Count Haidar’s daughter.

Lord Tanril was an informant of the Thieves Guild. Lord Tanril also assisted the Thieves Guild in smuggling contraband into Bash Kalla, but the party is unsure of what type of contraband.

The night that Lord Tanril died, he visited the Left Hand of the Thieves Guild and asked for his payment in cash rather than favors or supplies for his people. He had never done this before. Lord Tanril was found with all the cash still on him, and a strange coin in the pouch as well. The strange coin was stamped with the sigil of the Bash Kalla Thieves Guild, and the party learned that this coin was to keep pick pockets from robbing that person, effectively placing them under protection of the Thieves Guild.

Lord Tanril’s body was found on the docks, next to his fiancee and near to the ship that the two were supposed to be sailing on the next morning, the Painted Lady.


Lord Tanril Endair

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