King Rogan Taliaferro

The King of Aldinia


Rogan is a thin, unimpressive man in his late thirties. His mouse brown hair has been falling out for years and his eyes are the exact hue of fresh mud. King Rogan dresses well, but only because his valet and manservants choose his clothing for him. He has no regard for fashion and very little regard for his appearance in general. Even though his clothing is stylish and expensive, it is often wrinkled and covered in dusty smudges. His build is relatively slight, lacking the muscles and endurance of any true warrior.


In truth, the king is a scholar, not a warrior, and spends far more time buried deep in piles of dusty tomes in the far reaches of the palace libraries than he spends doing anything that could be regarded as exercise. He knows the rudiments of swordplay, but only because he was forced to learn as a boy.

Rogan makes official royal appearances only on major holidays or when absolutely necessary. He retreated further into his scholarly pursuits after the death of the former king. Without his father’s influence, Rogan became even less interested in governance than he had been as a youth.

Rogan almost never presides over the nightly royal court and almost always takes meals in his room or one of the many libraries. Every Friday, King Rogan spends the day holding public court, where he directly addresses the grievances of the nobles and commoners of his kingdom. He hates it.

The only time the king leaves the castle is to visit the Temple of Light each Saturday for services or to visit the libraries of the temple. He is close to the High Priest and to many of the other priests and priestesses. King Rogan appears uninterested in marriage. Some speculate that he prefers the company of men, while others claim that his faith supersedes his desire for a wife or lover. Whatever the reason, the king has not been alone with a woman in years.

The common people of Aldinia see King Rogan as a bookish religious man, but they feel confident that the Light will protect their kingdom because their king is so devout. The nobility of Aldinia have very little respect for Rogan and view him as a weakness, a hole in their defenses against the Rujan Empire and the Crimson emperor.

King Rogan Taliaferro

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